Director Welcome

Dear website visitors,

I am pleased to welcome you De La Salle College - Amman website which is aimed to reflect a true picture of all our facilities and be a useful tool of communication.

The world has become a small village, thanks to the modern means of communication that have brought us closer. This site we are launching is one of the means by which we communicate.

We, at La Salle Amman, are committed to our values, customs, traditions and social heritage, which we uphold and defend, but we are open to all as transparently as possible. We believe in pluralism, and we reject extremism and seclusion; we encourage dialogue; we listen to all opinions, and we do not condemn. We are attached to our past, which we are proud of, but open to the present and look forward optimistically to the future.

Nowadays, websites are the window through which one can view, evaluate and judge the activities of any organization. Therefore, we take great care to ensure that our website reflects a clear picture of our organization with transparency and integrity.

This is the goal we seek. We will never deviate from our dream and our mission, which we believed in and entrusted to ourselves