Lower Primary School

Depending on our school vision which is creating a dynamic and creative community through our La Sallians’ Principles. The lower Primary School adapts the policy of creating an educational atmosphere that promotes mutual work and respect for each student.

Also committed to providing an academic education quality that follows the times through the National and International Programs starting from the elementary stages.

Therefore it encourages the students to practice extracurricular activities such as intellectual, artistic, creative, physical, musical and social activities.

As for building bridges between the KG and the Lower Primary School, inter visitations between the teachers are essential for sharing experiences and being aware of how the teaching strategies work in both divisions. Also a visit is organized from the Lower Primary School to the KGs’ students to ease the transition process at the end of the year.

Regarding the process of building bridges across the school sections, the Lower Primary School keeps on studying the curriculums and training the students to different examination styles and strategies to ensure the process of integration and transition.