Middle Year School

The Lower Secondary School is an educational, dynamic and creative society led by La Sallian Principles. This section offers each individual a special attention and responds to its students' varied needs.

We, in the Lower Secondary School, believe in the importance of creating a healthy educational environment which pampers excellence throughout shared support, accepting diversity and addressing different cultures and needs.

We aim at receiving students from previous primary classes with the intention of improving their awareness about the importance of passing this level as it is considered to be a bridge between primary and secondary education. The students need to build up their knowledge and skills in order to succeed in their secondary education with confidence.

We aim at bringing up a generation who is aware of their age level psychologically and mentally; therefore, the students would be alert to changes around them and thus able to solve mental and social problems.

In addition, we aim at highlighting the importance of having a generation that appreciate differences in life so that they would be open-minded, acceptable to others by sharing their own cultures and thoughts.

We mainly aim at providing a secure scholastic environment that ensures the best education given to students.