Secondary School

As it is the belief of the College Administration and its mission which extended for decades, all the administrative and the educational staff in the secondary stage believe that the preparation of a good citizen and producing students who are ready for development is a goal always aspiring to reach it.

In order to achieve its vision, work has been done on the application of the national scientific curriculum which qualifies the student to join all the universities inside and outside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Foreign curricula such as the British curriculum and the International Baccalaureate, are applied at all levels. We believe that the students have the right to have multiple options that meet their needs, ambition and innovation (creativity).

To complete the educational process at the highest levels, section four has been characterized by large and fully serviced classrooms with air-conditioning system and smart boards. Work has begun on the establishment and the equipping of computer labs and modern scientific laboratories which are equipped with all the tools that may be needed by the teacher and the student to reach the highest level of understanding the strategies of applying theory in safe conditions.

The College is always keen on selecting the best human cadres who are experienced and capable of listening and absorbing the students. Every person working in section four believes in the right of the student to obtain the full and clear information in an educational environment where he finds psychological and academic support since the student is the focus of the educational process, so we have to take care of him in all respects.