College De La Salle Admission Policy

As an international school, College De La Salle implements challenging programs of international education and rigorous assessment (IGCSE, GCE A level, SATII and IB programs). Our school is open to all learners who are willing to become part of our diverse, the Lasallian community, internationally minded community is connected to the “roots of education”. Our program aims to improve lateral thinking capabilities through enriching the horizontal and vertical approaches of education, aiming to arrive to the ultimate lateral level possible. It follows a kind of hybrid education system (CDLS-HES) which is nothing but a smart and comprehensive mixture of the modern e-learning techniques and the classical educational strategies. Educational theories are strongly applied.

We accept students in any grade, except for grade 12, before the start of the scholastic year of that grade.

In order to determine how better we can cater to the individual needs of our prospective students, we implement a range of strategies to ensure both a smooth transition from their previous learning environment and a sound integration into our school. These strategies include:

  • An analysis of previous school reports, including feedback on behavior, conduct and social development.
  • Academic testing, especially in 2 of our core subjects: English & Mathematics as well as other subjects.
  • Individual (one-to-one) coaching to support & facilitate new students’ integration as well as to discuss and set meaningful social & academic goals.
  • Parent-teacher-student conferences to exchange information and feedback.
  • Specific admission criteria, in addition to the above, are applied in the case of students wishing to join our international programs.

General Instructions

Applicants are requested to fully acquaint themselves with the criteria and procedure for admissions. The parents admitting the child/children will deem to have agreed to abide by this criterion and procedure of CDLS rules pertaining to admissions. No appeal shall lie against it.


  • A form containing all information about the applicant has to be filled, signed by the parent. The information, nevertheless personal information, should contain a list of the schools the applicant has attended, if at all, and his/her scores every scholastic year.
  • A field should be filled in the application form telling\ stating the reason behind which the applicant chooses CDLS and the reasons why he/she left his\ the pervious school.

Admission Test

  • All prospective students seeking admission must qualify the school admission assessments and have an interview. Moreover, the prospective students must obtain a school leaving certificate or the progress and promotion report from the previous school/college to be eligible for admission in the next grade. The assessments are general in nature and are aimed to better evaluate the students’ suitability for the recommended grade and are only aimed to understand student academic needs and areas of strength and study support. The assessment shall be based on the general understanding and knowledge of the subject level for the grade he/she is seeking admission for.
  • Because of admission assessment/test and interview, where the student is not found suitable for the admission into the grade for which admission is being sought, and then the possibility of accepting him/her in any other grade will not be considered unless the student is re-registered and re-assessed for the particular grade (the previous scholastic year grade or below).
  • Moreover, CDLS reserves the right to accept or refuse registration or admission without assigning any reason. Capacity per class is 30 students. Priority is given to current students who register for the following scholastic year before March of the present scholastic year.
  • Priority for new registration is given to those who have been accepted within the criteria listed as of February of each scholastic year according to:
    1. Having a sibling in the school.
    2. Staff children.
    3. Date of application.

Admission Fees

On acceptance, the student is issued an Admission Bill. The balance is payable in Jordanian Dinars / USD or EUROs for the full academic year or 12 calendar months, unless otherwise negotiated with financial department.

The Admission Fee includes (JOD):

Registration Fee (Non-refundable) 100 JOD
Admission Fee (Non-refundable) 300 JOD
Security Fee (Refundable in case of full payment of admission fees) 100 JOD
Information Communication Technology ICT Fee (Non-refundable) 100 JOD
Science Laboratory Fee (Non-refundable) 100 JOD
Annual Resource Charge (Non-refundable) 100 JOD
Annual Year Book (Non-refundable) 50 JOD

Admission Fees Bills are normally issued with a “DUE DATE” of 15 to 21 days.

After the expiry of “DUE DATE” the Fee Bill can be deposited with the late fee fine which is charged on a daily basis, till the expiry of “VALIDITY DATE” which is normally 20 days from the expiry of the “DUE DATE”. Delay charges may not exceed 10% of the total fees.

Students whose fees remain payable after expiry of ‘DUE/VALIDITY DATE’ are issued periodic reminders and ultimately the ‘Final’ reminder’, thereafter which the student’s name will be struck off the school roll and outstanding dues adjusted against security deposit.

Parents defaulting on fees payment, run the risk of making their children/wards liable to being struck off the school roll. The security deposit of students is adjusted against their unpaid Fee balance. In such cases, re-admission is subject to vacancy and repayment of both the admission fee and security deposit at the prevailing rates.


All parents responsible for guaranteeing payment of School Admission Fees will read and sign an undertaking for compliance with the School’s rules and policies as outlined in a CDLS Admission Pack that will be handed over in Hard Copy which has to be signed and returned to the administration as well as electronic form for a quick reference of the rules.

The school reserves the right to revise and make alterations to its rules and policies at any point in time WITHOUT further notice; CDLS System shall provide a Student Acceptance Leaflet or confirm admission to any student if the parent has submitted and duly signed the documents included in the Admission Pack at the time of admission.

Residential Students

  1. Birth certificate in Arabic certified from the Ministry of Civil Affairs.
  2. Family Book copy (for Jordanians only) as well as a copy of both Parents' and their children's.
  3. Passport copy (for non-Jordanians).
  4. Copy of the medical report (vaccination record).
  5. Copy of the father's Identity Card.
  6. Four personal photos.
  7. Residency permit for non-Jordanian.
  8. A Clearance Certificate from the student's previous school.
  9. KG students are required to provide:
    1. Devoid of Ailments Certificate.
    2. Hearing and Sight check.

Non-resident students are required to provide the following documents

  1. Transfer Certificate.
  2. Last report card certified by:
    1. Ministry of Education in the residence country.
    2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the residence country.
    3. Jordanian Embassy in the residence country.
    4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jordan.
    5. Ministry of Education in Jordan
  3. Foreigners are required to have an active residency or permit to work.
  4. Palestinian students should be certified from The Follow up and Inspection Department and Administration of Palestinian Affairs.

College Stages general overview


  1. Application for admission is taken on prescribed school form Admission Pack.
  2. The grade or level for which the student is to be assessed is determined according to his/her age at the time of the Admission and not according to the age put down at registration.
  3. A candidate can be rejected without being given a test if undue pressure is applied or if unfair means are restored to for the acquisition of admission.
  4. In all cases merit is the criterion for admission.
  5. The Admission Assessment Tests are not set from any specific textbooks or syllabus but are of a general design to assess the aptitude of the child for ‘O’ levels or IGCSE.
  6. The assessments are not shown to any one; only results are communicated with the parents.
  7. Partial Scholarship is subject to availability of scholarship quota
  8. A candidate caught cheating during the test will be rejected.
  9. A candidate rejected once won't be given another chance in the same year. However, such a student may apply again the following year. If rejected in the second attempt, he/she cannot apply to CDLS the third time.
  10. The decision of CDLS cannot be challenged in any way and will be absolutely final.
  11. Scholarships are not available for AS & A Levels and SATII programs.

College De La Salle – Amman is now a candidate for the accreditation of being IBO world school. The college offers the following scholarships Partial/Full according to the following conditions:

  • IB program scholarships (50% discount) are available for an acceptance grade that is more than 90%.
  • Upon the completion of the IB DIPLOMA program and in case the awarded average is 42 up to 44, inclusive, the student will receive a 50% of the fees paid in 11th and 12th grade, in a retroactive base.
  • In case a 45 grade is achieved, student will receive 100% of fees paid in 11th and 12th grade, in a retroactive base.
  • The term fees refer to all amounts that have been paid excluding transportation and nonrefundable fees mentioned before.