La Salle College IB Diploma Program Admission Policy (Grades 11-12)

The IBDP is a two-year program for students aged 16-18 and is recognized internationally as a qualification for university entrance. The program is based on six courses at higher or standard level in addition to the three core requirements (Extended essay, CAS and TOK). For more information please visit the site or contact our IBDP coordinator. In case a meeting with a IBDP coordinator is needed, please arrange for an appointment.

Students from La Salle College who opt for enrollment as Diploma Candidate or as Course Candidate in the IB Diploma Program may apply for the program. It is recommended that they have been in Pre IG or the IGCSE program for at least one academic year.

Students from other schools are recommended to have been involved in an international program. Nevertheless, the students can be accepted upon the result of the entrance exam.

Requirements for the IBDP acceptance:

  • 20% of the mean of the last years' grades.
  • 30% for the interview. A committee of IBDP coordinator, Arabic Language Coordinator, English Language Coordinator, Math Coordinator, IT coordinator, and Life Sciences Coordinator will be responsible of the interview. The committee will decide the weight based on several criteria including: Critical Thinking Abilities, English Language, Mathematical Background, Science Background, Arabic Language Background, Personal Ambitions, information technology background, Vision and Future look. The committee may ask questions about the topics covered and will not be aiming to assess the student in any subject.
  • 50% entrance exam, the entrance exam will be in Mathematics, Life Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), English and French for those who choose French as an alternative. The exam will be assessing the ability of the student to think and analyze. The student is given 3 days prior exam for preparation. Specific topics may be advised depending on the interview committee recommendation. Minimum overall grade for acceptance is 60%.
  • Admission to the Diploma Program based on insufficient academic achievements or if a candidate's command of the English language is considered insufficient, the student won't be able to cope successfully with the requirements of the program. Nevertheless, if the student passes the acceptance grade, and the student shows an interest to attend the IB program, then a paper has to be signed from the parents to approve the student's choice.

Students and parents will be informed about admission requirements into the IB program and will be asked to sign to confirm the program and subject choices.

Higher Level and Standard Level Choice is the responsibility of the student and will not be biased towards any level but will be only guided by IBDP coordinator and the teachers of the specific subject. However, if the student selection does not match ability, periodic meetings with teachers, a minimum of 2 h per week are conducted. At the end of second assessment, the student will be advised to change if he is not progressing. It’s up to the student to continue, but with signed paper that it's upon his responsibility.