The International General Certificate of Secondary Education

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education - IGCSE programme is an english based curriculum designed and offered to students at the age of 15 to prepare them for the registration of universities.

The IGCSE is offered by the University of Cambridge International Examinations and the examination board Edexcel from Pearson's Group.

In this programme, the preperation of students begins at grade 9 and they sit for their external exams at the end of Grade 10.

A variety of subjects are offered to the students, and the student is free to choose between these subjects as long as he is fulfilling the requirements of the university.

The scale of grades ranges from A* to D in this level and any other grade is considered a failure.

Following the IGCSE, the student has the option to proceed with the english curriculum and start doing his International A-level, IAL.

The IAL programme also covers 2 years; grade 11 in which the student does his Advanced Subsidiary (AS) subjects, and grade 12 in which he does his A2 subjects.

The scale of grades in this level ranges from A* to E.

At the end of grade 12, the student becomes qualified to study in local and international universities all over the world.